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Leverage Fiskur global delivery model for faster results and broad business benefits

Fiskur is a passionate team of seasoned technology experts who believe in delivering high performance solutions to match client demands, focusing on cost and time effectiveness. We work with you as an extended technical partner to deliver exact solutions within stringent timeframes. Our team holds rich expertise in PHP Technology, Linux, Apache & MYSQL, as well as LAMP platform, Smarty, CakePHP Frame Work, Joomla, and Durpal 5.4.

The FOSS Approach and its benefits: The components present in the XAMP stack are examples of Free or Open Source Software (FOSS). The benefit of the FOSS approach is three-fold and advantageous to us.
  • Applications are available for free download, making them readily available to a wide range of people without payment.
  • Licenses are open and thus have few restrictions on their use and the deployment of apps based on the FOSS technology
  • And the foremost reason for the growth and use of FOSS technology (including LAMP), is that because users have access to the source it is much easier to fix faults and improve the applications. It gives flexibility that simply isn't available within the confines of a proprietary or commercial-based product.

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